October 3, 2016

White to Make Truck Series debut with Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing at Martinsville

Photo: Zach Catanzareti
-- When the Camping World Truck Series hits the 'Paper Clip' of Martinsville Speedway on October 29, it will be a new face hitting the track.

Josh White, who hails from Charleston, West Virginia, will attempt to make his NASCAR debut driving the Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing No. 10 Chevrolet, becoming the first U.S. Marine to race in any of NASCAR's national touring series.

David Pack, Gulf-War Veteran and business development representative for JJCR, recognized White's stance as a United States Marine Corp (USMC) Veteran and helped make the opportunity possible for the 25-year-old.

“Dave (Pack) was excited at the thought of having a Marine race their truck,” White said.  “We have been working together for the past month and have already secured enough funding to attempt my first NASCAR race."

Working alongside Cobb, who has 130 career starts in the Truck Series, White will have an experienced driver to coach him through his first NASCAR weekend.

"It is an honor to be working with Josh and I have never met a driver with more enthusiasm or more work ethic,” Cobb said. “Like any disciplined Marine, instead of complaining that nobody is giving him an opportunity to race, he is earning it and that hard work is paying off.  We are proud to be part of this very special history.”

Though he has no time behind the wheel of a truck, White is coming off his rookie ARCA season in 2015, where he made 17 of 20 races with a best finish of 21st.

"When I spoke with Jen," White continued, "she explained that success in NASCAR is dependent on quality of equipment and that she would give me this opportunity and put any sponsor money I could raise into my effort.  I feel like this is a place where I can gain experience and be of help to the entire organization.”

Already securing a primary partner, who will be announced at a later date, White is still on the lookout for additional corporate sponsorships or individual donations.

Contact David Pack [packmcdermott@aol.com] for any sponsorship opportunities with NASCAR's first Marine racecar driver.

Also check out Driven2Honor.org to learn more about honoring America's military.

February 26, 2016

JW/A2 Motorsports Launch Driver Development Program for 2016

JWA2 Motorsports Driver Development
Josh White Racing has announced a partnership with A2 Motorsports and Allen Milton where the two will form a driver development program for the 2016 ARCA Racing Series season.

White, 24, says following a graduation from the program, the developed driver will have a shot at a long-term opportunity with JWR.

"It's not a rent a team, it would be a ticket into the bigger and better things in ARCA," he said, "made available to the up and comers with exclusive access to knowledge of racing at bigger levels like ARCA. As well as sponsorship help within the JWR marketing department."

Allen Milton, 41, is excited to partner with the experienced White for this driver development program.

“As far as the relationship goes, we're bringing [White’s] experience in,” Milton said. “As a racer, I feel like he’s got the desire and he’s got the push. We just have to collaborate with the funding to get us where we need to be.

“As far as driver development, we’re going to use Josh’s background and Josh’s experience to help promote that along with Josh White Racing. The development part of that, we’re going to be offering four race packages if an upcoming driver wants to further his career and would like to use ARCA as a starting point. And then move into the [Camping World] Truck Series as well.”

Milton has some racing experience himself as he drove the No. 3 A2 Motorsports Chevrolet last season at Mobile International Speedway in his only ARCA start to date, as well as testing at Daytona International Speedway.

“ It’s an experience I’ll never forget,” he said. “Being down in Daytona with the other teams and learning from those guys and then to actually get behind the wheel. It’s more work than fun I’ll tell you that. As far as Alabama, you just can’t beat those short tracks.”

That's where him and White compare as White drove the No. 3 Chevy for all 19 of his ARCA starts in 2013 and '15 along will testing at Daytona in 2014.

The partnership hopes to eventually create a racing experience program where fans can make laps in an ARCA racecar.

“We’re going to work off each other with this thing,” Milton said. “At some point, we’re going to have the Josh White Racing Experience where Josh will be on site during the test. We’re going to try to put a car together to where c fan can do a ride along program.”

The driver development program is currently seeking funded drivers to kick start the program in 2016, along with test time.

"I think it's going to be really cool and something different for ARCA," White continued. "I don't know any other teams other than the big teams that will do what we're getting ready to do here. I think it's really going to help others.

“We are beginning to look for funded drivers for 2016 and beyond for JW/A2. We are also have testing opportunities for 2016 starting at Talladega."

February 8, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Rifle Caddy Joins Josh White Racing as Sponsor in 2016

Rifle Caddy official logo
Racing and hunting, together, are as natural as peanut butter and jelly.

Josh White Racing is hunting for race victories each and every weekend for the 2016 ARCA Racing Series season. The relationship with Rifle Caddy, however, involves the real deal of hunting as they join JWR as sponsor for the 2016 racing season.

Krista Berrigan, Co-owner and vp of marketing at Rifle Caddy spoke on Monday about the new partnership with White for 2016.

“I admire somebody who has the strength and ability to push forward in what they believes in,” Berrigan said via phone call. “I think that he has that. We can grow together as a company and where he can network my product. The more business he generates into the United States, then the more it will come back to sponsor him.”

White, 24, has been hunting since age 4 and now looks at a relationship with Rifle Caddy – one he believes is a no-brainer.

“These guys make stuff for hunting and I’m a big hunter,” White said. “I came about them last year, learning about their products. At Josh White Racing, we really like to be involved with our fans and really like to keep the awesome customer service with our sponsors.

“I really agree with a lot of things Rifle Caddy does and we want to take off with that and see where it goes.”

A company manufactured out of British Columbia, Canada, Rifle Caddy focuses on making in-truck holders for hunters and their rifles [as shown on the right]. Rifle Caddy has sold more than 6,000 units in the past year and looks to tap into the 35 million hunters in the United States.
A sample Rifle Caddy product

"Racecars and hunting have been in bed together for years, especially down South,” Berrigan said. “They’ve been involved and supporting each other for a long, long time. 

"I think it's a win-win for everybody. I think the coupling of the two together to support each other is probably a great thing.

“It was really built as a necessity by a hunter for a hunter. It stores, secures and transports your rifle. And it fits most grades of rifles because it locks between the trigger guard and pistal grip of the rifle."

Rifle Caddy, much like Josh White Racing, is a small-town business determined to grow in exposure in the year to come.

“We all want to grow and we all want to be successful,” Berrigan continued, “but at the same time managing and remembering all the efforts that people put forth to get you there."

“[White] is not in it for the notoriety, he’s in it because he loves to drive.”

  CLICK HERE to visit the official Rifle Caddy website
CLICK HERE to visit Rifle Caddy’s Facebook page.

February 6, 2016

Purchased Ford & Hauler Photos Posted

Courtesy of Josh White
It's a start.

Those were the words from Josh White as his posted a picture of what will be his No. 1 intermediate chassis for the 2016 ARCA Racing Series season.

This rusty looking Ford body - previously owned by NASCAR powerhouse Jack Roush and Roush Fenway Racing - lacks a motor but still stands as a strong start for Josh White Racing.

"Needs a couple things updated on the body, cleaned and painted," White posted. "Needs a motor but it's a start. Beautiful start isn't it?"

After just a few weeks, JWR has surely taken shape into making it to the track in 2016. Crew chief and spotter announcements are also to come at a later date.

Previously piloting Chevrolets in his prior 19 ARCA starts for Hixson Motorsports, 24-year-old White will transition to the Blue Oval crowd as the season fast approaches. The real question, however, is coming in contact with an Ilmor engine as it has become a necessity to be a competitive team in ARCA.

Courtesy of Josh White
One day prior, White unveiled the hauler that will transport the Ford to and from the race track. This massive white and red hauler has a paint job in it's future - and hopefully many miles from track to track.

"Well, my prayers have definitely been answered. Need I say more?" White posted. "It will be wrapped and branded to the team and it's colors later."

JWR Launches Fan Sponsorship Program

Fan Sponsorship Program for 2016
For the 2016 ARCA Racing Series season, Josh White will attack the track sporting a new title: Driver-owner.

Following a rookie ARCA season in 2015 that saw the West Virginia native qualify for 17 races with a best finish of 21st, White will now enter 2016 with his own team in Josh White Racing.

To help kick off the debut, JWR has launched a Fan Sponsorship Program which allows fans to have their name(s) placed on the side of what will be the No. 84 JWR Ford in 2016 starting at Salem Speedway on April 24 2016.

For $25 a name, a fan can get their name on the side of the racecar with very fifth donation being free and every 100th donation including a free pit pass to the race - with complete credit being shown from the donor to receive credit toward the incentive.

You can contact Josh White directly with any further questions with the numbers supplied on the left. Also, you can find us on Facebook or Twitter with links supplied on the right of the screen.